My latest finds in Noz and Action

By Azami - July 17, 2016

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
Okay, I should totally have posted this haul a month or even two ago but the fact that I often go back to Action and Noz always makes me want to wait a bit longer to be sure I'm not buying anything more. Only then am I serene in publishing a haul. I feel like there are less things in this haul than usual but I'm starting to need less things especially when it comes to makeup. Oh well !, since when do I need a reason to start buying makeup ?! Fortunately, I've gotten some really nice things here and there and I'm really happy about what I got.
In Action, I had a crush on these little metal baskets that cost me €1.49. They're also in white and in sky blue/turquoise and I've already put several nail polishes in them, it's pretty and classy but I really did buy them because they're cute, not because I needed them in any way.

I love eyebrow makeup whereas I didn't see how useful it was about a year ago. I have several products for my eyebrows among which a Max & More set of two eyebrow powders (about €1) in Medium but the lightest shade is too reddish and the darkest one is too dark for an everyday makeup. And so I finally got the Light one and I can't wait to use it. I've also bought the four different Fashion Professional mascaras that are €0.99 each : Volume Boost, Ultra Black, Fat Lash Fiber (some kind of Younique dupe maybe ? It does look like it anyway) and False Look.

I've bought a pack of two Max & More glass nail files I've already bought several months ago but that I've either lost or broken - they're excellent and cost only €1. I've gotten the Axe Dark Temptation shower gel too, a mix of chocolate and wood I'm fond of. Once I got home, I found in my back a bracelet with a dream catcher on it that I had intended to buy but changed my mind at the last minute. Well, I guess I have bought it by mistake but I'm really happy with how cute it is.

Everytime I go to Noz there always seems to be different makeup brands to try out : Beauty UK, Technic, Collection... the kind of British brand that's hard to get in France in stores. I've bought two packs of nail wraps for €0.99, one in Argyle and one in Portobello. I'll add to that a kind of velvet powder pot I've gotten for the same price that I find intriguing and that I haven't tried using yet.
I also finally decided to get a Séphir mascara for €5.99 that was in the store for a long time - I now have 4 products from this brand and I'd love to write about it but I'd be totally frustrated if you couldn't get it in your turn for I hear it's only available in Italy.

The last Beauty UK products I got are the Expresso Brown gel eyeliner that I'd already bought last time in black for €0.99 and for the same price I got myself a cuticule oil bottle. I really like this kind of nailcare and so I'm really eager to try it out.
Finally, I bought a dozen of Ruby Kisses nail lacquers. I think the brand is also known as Kiss USA and I was intrigued, so I bought each for €0.85. For the same price I got a purple Technic nail polish too that you can see on the left.

I've bought 6 bottles of essentials oils - I've only tried two in my whole life : a lemon essential oil I love and an ylang ylang essential oil that I can't stand. Each of the bottles below has cost me €0.99, others were pretty interesting too but I didn't want to buy too many and risk not using them in the end. I think I'll just mix them with vegetal oils and sleep with the mix on my hair or face : I love having really hydrated hair and faceskin so if this can help I'm all good !

Those are my last finds at Noz : four bags that look like boxes. Three of them are actually metal and they're from the Spanish brand Chic Sympathique - I'm having much trouble trying to find them on the Internet. They're absolutely wonderful, hype, trendy and unique - I love them. The pink and the black one cost me about €18 and the other two cost about €15 if I'm not mistaken - they weren't that cheap when you add it all up but they're so beautiful... I like expressing my personality through my dresses, my bags and my shoes and so I like to have at least one things that's unique in my outfits (not too unique though but count me in if you've got a burger or donut-shaped bag !).

I'm really happy with everything I've found these days in Action and Noz - who doesn't like buying things they like cheaper than what they are usually ? Do you know these stores ? What do you usually buy when you go there ?
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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