[Summer Sales 2016] H&M Try On Haul !

By Azami - July 19, 2016

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
I'm finally sharing all the nice things I've found on sale this summer with you - clothes only for now, I'll write about all the nice makeup I've found later. I knew exactly what I wanted and what I needed so things went pretty smoothly this year : tuniques, jeans and summer shoes. It's seldom easy to find exactly what I like and need and what actually fits and suits me but it was jackpot this year : I found everything I wanted in H&M in the first days of the summer sales and cheap too ! I had a huge crush on this first tunique I bought, a blue, white and yellow beauty that cost €15.

All the other tuniques also come from H&M and they all have different patterns in a boho/ethnic spirit I love - I like to express my personality through my tuniques and match them with classic jeans and hijabs.

I really like this one : it cost me €10, it's long, wide with prints I love, it's actually one I wear most often these days. The white pair of jeans are also new, high-waist €9.99 basics from H&M. The sandals cost me €15 and they come from a shoestore that's not that famous so I can't remember the name.

The three following tuniques were all €10 - the first one shrunk in the washing machine, I'm so disappointed I was not able to wear it more !

These black jeans are similar to the white ones, high-waist €9.99 skinny jeans - man, I love these H&M basics for they last for a long time and they're cheap too. The grey/beige shoes cost me €3 in the same store I bought the sandals and I've been wearing them every day since I've gotten them - I needed a pair without patterns and they were the ones closest to what I wanted.

I've done a simple makeup look so it would match all the outfits : I'm wearing the Benefit mascara They're Real as well as one of my new favs in terms of lipsticks : the Born Pretty Velvet Matte After 90 Lipstick in 16 I had in collaboration with the website - it's an absolutely perfect greige, not too dark and not too light, I posted a pic on Instagram and I'll talk about it in detail on Friday, you're going to fall in looove ! Have you been able to shop for everything you wanted during these summer sales or were you disappointed ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
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