5 Blogs I discovered... and loved in October 2016

By Azami - October 31, 2016

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
Sure, I write a lot less on Tissam Est La since I've gotten a job but I will not let this spoil my monthly Share the Love, so here are a few beauty and/or lifestyle blogs I've loved this month, because of their design, their creativity, their pics and how clean they looks... Two are in English - since I read a lot of blogs in English and myself have a bilingual blog, it's a way to please everyone, French-speakers as well as English-speakers ! ;)
PS. Click on the picture of each blog to be redirected there !

Ô Boudoir Parfumé - French

Claire's blog is a goldmine when it comes to makeup reviews - I love this, especially because those are the blogposts I love the most. She's worked on all the details ; her flower-shaped social media, her picture categories in the sidebar... I feel there couldn't be a more feminine and romantic blog out there. Her pictures and lipswatches are really beautiful, the quality of her pics and texts is intriguing and lovely - I'm trying to do that with my own blog and I'm charmed. I've discovered her blog thanks to her Lime Crime's Velvetines post and I keep waiting for new posts impatiently.

Laura MakeupTips - French

I've discovered Laura's blog thanks to her post about Dose of Colors' Hidden Treasure eyeshadow palette - I really like this brand, but I think I discovered Laura MakeupTips thanks to Hellocoton, not thanks to a research of mine. And how great her blog is ! It's clean and clear. She seems to be a simple, great, loveable blogger and I highly recommend you watch her Halloween Makeup Tutorials - I've watched two of them and they were really creepy. That was the goal, wasn't it. Still, not funny. She does some excellent work, you should totally check her out !

My Little Bubble - French

Yet another Laura ! I've discovered her thanks to her Barcelona Haul - I love, love, love haul posts and hers was pretty simple and precise, I really enjoyed reading it. Her pics are neat and simple, not artificial or whatever, efficient. That's really helpful, especially when it comes to her makeup reviews.

Love, Maisie. - English

I really liked Maisie's Blog from the first time I went on it, looking for infos and swatches about the Primark Lipliners. If you've been following me on Instagram, you may know I post about one lipswatch picture a day - several of which lipswatch pictures picture Primark lip products, which I'm in love with. I have a lot of them but some are still missing in my collection, and I've found some shades I didn't have on Maisie's blog. I really liked the swatches she made on a paper, which are pretty relevant and beautiful and I like how she describes everything, how her blog is simple and efficient, wrapping up a great personality.

A Thrifty Mrs. - English

I have to say, this blog's design made me fall in love. Oh, how I'd love to have such a fun header on my blog ! I've not managed to find her name anywhere which is pretty funny, not on her social media, not on her blog either ! I've discovered A Thrifty Mrs thanks to yet another post about the Primark Makeup products - yep, since I'm collecting them and preparing some big posts about them... I absolutely need to see if I have everything I need before writing a post - I don't want to write a post about two lippies and another one a week later just because I've gotten some more shades. This blog is simple and again, effective, I like it a lot. Do you know one or several of these blogs ? Do tell me your thoughts about them below !

So long, in the meantime, do come and chat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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