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My Beauty Haul on Showroomprivé & Beautéprivée

By Azami - July 06, 2016

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
Hi guys ! You know, hauls are part of my favorite posts and YouTbe videos. I love seeing what a girl has chosen this product, what was so great about it... But lately I thought that my own hauls are so big are frequent that I take a long time to share them. Some hauls I have to publish have been received months ago ! So today's a mix of two orders I've made on Beautéprivée and Showroomprivé, two private sales websites, about a month ago. I'm not too late for this one since the preparation and shipping of the orders takes about a month in these online stores.

On Showroomprivé, I've bought Bellapierre Cosmetics

Each time there was a Bellapierre sale online, either I was broke or I was too late. It's an American brand of mineral cosmetics and they're pretty expensive. For instance, their 9-eyeshadow-stacks cost €60 on their website and I've gotten them for €16 each - there are 7 mixes of colors. I love them - I'll talk about them soon.

Then I got both Bellapierre eyeshadow palettes; Go Smokey and Go Nude for €9 each when they officially retail for €30. I thought the nude one would be a dupe for the Naked 3 but it actually isn't !

I also bought the Eye Candy Fabulous Mineral Eyeshadow Collection - I realised I got all the colors in the stacks. Moreover there are some eyeshadows that are similar from one stack to another but I'm not really annoyed : I'm really happy for I got this collection for €15 and 9 eyeshadows whereas only one costs €13 on the official Bellapierre website (and that a Sephora eyeshadow costs about €11). When I'm done reviewing them, I'll certainly make pressed eyeshadows out of them because they're much more pigmented when they're wet. I also bought an eye and brow complete set for about €10 so that was pretty much a bargain too.

The last Bellapierre products I got are three lipsticks in Cherry Pop, Envy and Catwalk for €6 apiece when they're usually the price of a M.A.C. lipstick, a volumizing mascara and three eyeshadows for €4 apiece I already have in the stacks - Antiqa, Bronze and Refined. The problem with the stacks is that you have to take all the eyeshadows together, you can't split them. It doesn't take much space, however I like to take all the colors I really want to take with me when I walk out.

On Beautéprivée...

I bought several brands from Beautéprivée : first, several products from the brand Chapter, a Dutch brand. Some are from the coconut and monoï range, some the peach & orchid range and some from the lychee and lotus range. I should have had more products (hand creams, body butters and lipbalms) but I cancelled my order for my so-mysterious project I hinted in my Limited Edition post. My favorite range is Peach & Orchid - it smells so great !

I got two things from the brand Elissance : this beautiful small palette and a lipstick I thought was a darker nude and that I'm disappointed in already.

Yeah, I also might have had fun with the Note brand. It's a brand from Eastern Europe I think and it's really hard to get your hands on their products. The lipsticks were €2.50 each but most of them were in bundles of two for €3.90. There are only two or three shades I didn't buy because they were too vivid. I have opened only one lipstick to try it, it's the shade Merlot. The nude eyeshadow palette cost €5.90.

After all this makeup, I've bought several accessories : a heated eyelash curler from the brand Talika (it costs 30 pounds on their website and I got it for €10 !), a propolis toothpaste from Fleurance Nature, a jumbo sharpener from Lord & Berry to sharpen my Golden Rose Matte Lipstick Crayon and a L'Oréal dotting tool because I've been meaning to create beautiful nail arts with this for a while now.

I've bought the most refined and chic Baylis & Harding candle which smells of Hollyhock and Thyme : it's so different from the vanilla or mango candles I usually burn... I also bought a Body America Toast to the Coast body mist and it's a marine smell I don't like at all - it's a pity the first product I try from this brand is a disappointment !

This is the end, my haul's over... I'm really happy about most prducts I've gotten and I can't wait to talk about them in detail. If you want me to review something quicker than something else, do tell me - I'll do it with great pleasure !
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
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