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A day in London in the Christmas time...

By Azami - December 23, 2016

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Three weeks ago, I went to London for the day. Sure, I already went in August but I wanted to do some shopping and lose myself in this beautiful city - especially given that it's so different in December, mainly in the touristic zones. I wanted to get this beauty of Christmas on my blog to show it to you and to my sister who wasn't with me for the first time. I went to places I already knew and I've discovered places I would love to share with you. When I travel far away (well, farther than Paris), I feel like posting several posts about the place I'm visiting so here's what I'm going to write about these next few days : after the few pics of London in Christmas robes, I'll show you Portobello Market and then I'll show you what I got in London - I'll probably write about other things between these posts because I'm getting pretty late in several of my reviews.


I traveled with Ouibus (would you like a post about Ouibus ?) : I left Paris on Friday 2 at 11 pm and then I left London on Saturday 3 at 11.30 pm. The journey went pretty smoothly except that I was supposed to get to London at 9 am and arrived at 5 am, English time... I was a bit afraid being alone but I was able to see what London looked like when it was asleep. I also saw that there were a lot of homeless people in the streets and I saw many people in the buses - it led me to believe that the Londoners work pretty early in the morning. When I got to the Victoria Coach Station, I went straight to Oxford St, Regent St and Piccadilly Circus so I could see the Christmas decorations - I wasn't disappointed and I loved the giant angels from Regent's St to Piccadilly Circus : each was doing a different movement with its arms. I did miss the giant pinetree in Trafalgar Square because I didn't go there but those decorations I saw in Oxford St and Regent St were already more than enough.


I knew exactly what I wanted to do in London : I went there mainly for shopping but I had only 60 pounds and I couldn't get all that I would want during the day. Given that the stores I wanted to go to open at 8 am in the morning on Saturdays and that I got in London at 5 am, I stayed in buses to be safe until the sun was up and because I love to be in a bus. I intended to buy a few things in Primark, Poundworld and Superdrug - I got a few things from each store and got something from Boots too - and I managed to forget I still had 5 pounds in my pocket, which I brought back home... :(
After doing some shopping I wanted to go to the Saatchi Gallery, a museum I love very much but I was quite early : by the end of the morning I'd done everything I had planned to do. So, I started to walk around in places I hadn't planned to go like Portobello Market, Notting Hill and the Tate Modern that'd been advised by a man in the Saatchi Gallery. In the meantime, I snapped some shots of London and slices of life and here they are...

I wasn't interested in the Tate Modern at all in the end : I love Modern Art but I didn't understand this museum, I started to be really tired and was cold because I didn't take my gloves with me so I got annoyed quickly - the next time I go to London, I'll try another museum. I did love the fact that the Tate Modern is near the Thames because in the Christmas time, it's really lively near the Thames.
I found a man near the Tate Modern who offered his own poems and you could make a donation if you wanted to. I took two that led me to believe that this man was religious ; I read them once I got home.

While walking towards Big Ben and the London Eye, I found this mini-van where I bought mini donuts this summer and that my sister and I really liked. This time, I thought I was broke since I'd given my last pence to the man with the poems and I still had a lot of food in my backpack anyway - I prefer to take food with me when I travel, it's less expensive that way and I can use money for something other than food.


Near the Thames, there were full restaurants, friends, a roller skate rink and a Christmas Market. I'm a big fan of Christmas Market - there were many creations and food booths and there were many people there still whereas I went at about 8.30 pm.

I left soon after the Christmas Market near the London Eye - I was starting to be really cold and exhausted. My bus left London at 11.30 pm but I was at the Victoria Couch Station two hours before so I could rest a bit. I was broke and exhausted and I was afraid to miss my bus... The last thing I saw in London is the beautiful Big Ben. I cannot wait to go back with more energy and more money ! Have you ever been to London ? Do you like this city ?

So long, in the meantime, do come and chat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
Summer Memories of London...

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