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All Stars - Bellapierre Eyeshadow Palette

By Azami - October 09, 2020

I have to admit I never thought I'd write again on It's Azami. The feeling that product reviews on blogs are dead, and I thought the same of YouTube but despite their awful unavoidable commercials and endless adverts, it's still alive.


Someone showing interest in It's Azami this morning (as in, interest in having a sponsored blog post) led me to think for a bit. I like reviewing products but I don't want to have to buy and buy without the need for the actual product. I actually created a second website that I thought would be my only one from now on, It's Not Eyeshadow. On this one, you can find my thoughts as a makeup artist and the explanation behind looks I do and products I use. Endless rambling. 

That makes me happy to write there because it triggered in me the will to start writing professionnally, as in, content writer. I've started something like a month ago and have had a few paid gigs and I'm really happy about it and I've started writing for one or two magazines regularly for fashion and beauty articles. Put them in my portfolio and hopefully make this my full time job ASAP. Always loved writing so why not ?

I guess It's Azami is back.

And it's back with a head-turning eyeshadow palette by Bellapierre Cosmetics. I've known the brand for the longest time, I bought A LOT of their products back when I was raiding the discount website BeautéPrivée. Over here in London, I must admit I had never come across Bellapierre but on one of my regular trips to TK Maxx a few weeks ago, I found this babe for £9.99. Opened it, saw the metallics and shimmers, had been feeling like getting (yet another) complete palette, thought it over a bit (because it's yet another complete palette) and oh well, the rest is history.

Sturdy packaging, sleek palette, nicely sized pans and good balance between the neutrals and colorful shades, although as usual too many browns to my liking, especially to combinate the light green, bright blue and plum-purples ? Just one or two other mattes of a colorful shade would have been nice. But honestly, it's a good one. The mattes are SO buttery and the metallics... I bought this palette to use for photoshoots and mixed two of the metallics with my Mehron Mixing Liquid to get a waterproof finish and the result was mindblowing.

I feel like the price point is a bit steep as the RRP is €50, but if this is one of your very first palettes it totally deserves it. Given that Bellapierre started as a 100% mineral makeup brand and still uses only "healthy" non harmful ingredients, it might also add to the price. In any case, I swatched for you the most important shades aka the stunning metallics so you'd know what I'm talking about. Very happy when it comes to those two purplish/blue duochromes in the middle. They're so buttery and scream for your fingers to swatch them. For real. 

By the way, the photos for this posts are the first ones I ever do with my phone, if I'm not mistaken. I'm always on the go and barely touch my PC lately, so I thought having the photos on my phone and retouching them on the tube or something might be cool. Let me know if the quality is utter shit or if you're just fucking happy It's Azami is back xx

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